Behomoth by Scott Westerfeld

Gosh, it’s been like three weeks since I read this (yes, I’m in the terrible habit of reading madly, getting a pile up of five to seven books to write about and having lost my momentum for comments on the book and, in some cases, have trouble remembering details!)…So, sequel to Leviathan, cannot wait for the third book that will conclude the trilogy.  Am convinced he’s titling these Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath as a comment on the size of the books–it’s not that they are so long, but the shape of the book is a bit awkward (too narrow!) and I swear the pages are made of some kind of super heavy lead lined paper.
The story picks up shortly after Leviathan ended, with the great airship Leviathan headed to the Ottoman empire, carrying the Austrian Prince Alek, Deryn, the extraordinary midshipman who is actually a girl in disguise,  the mysterious eggs about to hatch, and the Darwinist lady who started this mission on Churchill’s request.  The country they land in is fascinating-a melting pot of cultures and religions, as well as a place that is not quite Clanker and not quite Darwinists.  However, the Germans are doing their best to take over.  Secret missions abound, Deryn’s leadership is tested, allies and enemies are made.
I thought this was a very exciting center of a trilogy. The danger the face is definitely real and the adventure is tempered with some funny bits (Deryn and Alek clearly have feelings for each other, but don’t quite know what to make of it since she is still in disguise.) Like in the first book there was a very helpful afterward explaining fact and fiction.  I can’t wait for the conclusion! (But will have to wait a long time-not out until September!!)

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