Tabitha’s Favorites

Her first year:

Tabitha has not had clear cut favorites the way Clark did. I think that’s because although she gets read to a lot, she has had to listen to a lot of Clark’s things and doesn’t get to hear her same ones over and over again.

Goodnight, goodnight Sleepyhead ill. by Jane Dyer-favorite bedtime book. Nice to have one that was all new to her.

As an infant she liked the same black and white books.

As a baby way more into touch and feel books than Clark was.

Touch and Feel Farm, Touch and Feel Pets, Perfect Pets-she loves them all.

Very fond of the same small chunky nursery rhyme books that Clark had.

Her Second Year:

loves Maisy books

Farmer Will

In the Garden (board book, identifies each character as Mommy, Daddy, or Clark)

Counting Kisses

Bow Wow Naps (and the other Bow Wow books). We all love these concept books. They are so clever and convey so much with just a few words.  She especially thinks the one about colors is hilarious.

Busy Kitties

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