The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall

I just can’t get enough of these Penderwicks! And you might recall I said that they reminded me of The Exiles? Well this one reminds me of The Exiles in Love.  There is just a little bit of boy-girl feelings developing.  Of course the Penderwick girl is somewhat oblivious to it, taking the boy she’s grown up with for granted.  This sequel is just as much fun as the first.  Who wouldn’t want to be a party of this loving, smart, talented, funny family?  In this follow up the girls’ father has agreed that he will go on four dates to give dating a try (it’s been 4 years since his beloved wife died and she left a letter telling him she wanted  him to do this.)  The girls are horrified and embark on a scheme to have him go on horrible dates that will turn him off of it all together.  Meanwhile they all make friends with their new neighbor, a young widow and her baby boy.  I bet you can see where this is going…. It is extremely obvious to the reader that the young woman is the ideal partner for their father.  The obviousness does not detract from the charm at all, though.  It’s a somewhat strange blend of contemporary and old fashioned.  As before, I loved the details of the girls’ personalities–dreamy Jane writing a melodramatic play,   Skye playing soccer and having an alter ego who is a foul mouthed British footballer named Mick, Batty making friends with the baby, and Rosalind being blind to her neighbor falling for her.

Another charming winner.  Very much looking forward to the third book coming out in May, The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.


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