For the Kids

Back when I started this blog I had a lovely page where I kept track of my son Clark’s favorite books. I attempted to do the same for our daughter, Tabby, but well….. this all sort of went by the wayside.  I can’t bear to delete this stuff though, so here’s a peek at some of our early reading.  The Clark page begins by saying he is 2 1/2, but now he’s about to turn 7 and has read 26 of the Secrets of Droon series books with his dad.

*and now this is even older–he’s a teenager now!! (And I’m extremely heartbroken to say doesn’t read much at all.) Tabby is an avid reader, but prone to starting a million books and not finishing them. I admit to trying to get her to read every book I loved when I was her age. I’ll count it as a win that she read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret and liked it!


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