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I’ve loved books and reading my whole life and have made it my profession. I’m a librarian-previously children’s and teen, but after a hiatus I’m now a school librarian for 4th and 5th grade.  I think that people who claim they “don’t have time to read” just don’t like to read very much! There’s always time!

My weaknesses are books set in boarding schools and time travel. I love historical fiction  Some of my favorite authors are:

Rosamund Pilcher, L.M. Montgomery, Elizabeth Enright, Sarah Dessen, Liane Moriarty, Sarah Jewell, J. Courteney Sullivan, and Kate Morton.


19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just discovered your website as I was doing research on an author. I work at a small
    children’s bookstore in Minneapolis. I’ve bookmarked your site and will return to it often,
    Right now I’m reading an advanced copy of Joan Bauer’s forcoming book. I’ve just
    started a new book club at the store called “Read The Book, Meet The Author”. I’m
    looking forward to having the kids read a book and then being able to discuss it
    with the authors themselves. Keep reading!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog via a Google search on library career romances. I collect career romances and have most of the Messner ones plus several Dodd Mead and Bodley Head titles. I enjoyed reading your entries on “Nancy Runs the Bookmobile” and “Jinny Williams, Library Assistant” — especially because I also come from NJ (although I’m currently in Texas).

    I’m an academic librarian, but I read tons of YA stuff and review for VOYA. Anyhow, I’ve put your blog into my Google Reader and look forward to more entries about books.

    Take care,
    Amy S.

  3. I’m glad I found your blog, and I’m glad I found another adult who adores YA lit as much as I do. I read an awful lot of it (could probably spend my life reading nothing BUT YA lit), but I also enjoy adult fiction and plenty of non-fiction as well. Great blog. 🙂

  4. Sarah, I am loving your blog so far! I am a children’s writer and avid reader (of mostly children’s and YA fiction). I have bookmarked your blog and will forward it to my other book-loving friends!


    Tiare Solorzano 🙂

  5. Thanks, Tiare! I have a backlog of books to write about, but am going to try to be better about posting as I read them, so there will be new stuff for you to read soon.

  6. I know I have seen the movie version of Dream When You are Feeling Blue by Elizabeth Berg but I cannot seem to find it. Was there another title for it? When was it released? I didn’t make the connection until I read the novel. Was it a Hallmark movie?

    Rita S.

  7. Hello! If you like regency romances, I’m sure you have read Georgette Heyer but if not, you really must! I dont’ really like historical romance, but these are funny and clever, and really historically accurate. Also, if you like Hester Browne, have you read any Nancy Mitford books, such as ‘The Pursuit of Love’? I’m not sure why, but The Little Lady always remind me of Mitford’s characters – The Pursuit of Love is funny and charming in a British way as well, although not terribly politically correct in parts. Happy Reading from England! Camilla

  8. I have yet to read a Georgette Heyer, though I started Faro’s Daughter a little while ago. I’m going on vacation soon and think I’ll read it then. I’ve never tried a Nancy Mitford, but certainly will now! Thanks, Camille.

  9. Hey!

    Just found your blog looking for boarding school books – you and your blog have just provided me with a very long list of books I want to read, thanks for that!

    Must read books in my opinion:
    Any by Jostein Gaarder but especially Sophie’s World, The Orange Girl as well as The Solitaire Mystery they all have interesting, twisting story lines but the best thing about them are the endings.

    5 People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom are also essential for anybody to read!


  10. I really appreciate this website. I was searching about a book that I should read for a book report, and the books I read over really made me want to go and read. Thanks to you I am now a book worm.

  11. I’m so glad I foun your webiste! It’s mind bogglign that you’ve read soo many books and written review/blurbs that are so relaxed, it’s like ahing a conversation with sdomeone. I’ve bookmarked the site, and I’m sure my eyes will be opened to new and different books. Its the perfect time to find the site, since I am pretty much on bedrest for the next little while.
    You give me hope as well, I assumed as soon as you turned 18 you wren’t “allowed” to read YA anymore- thank god I ‘can’!

  12. hi there, just stumbled on your blog… can’t even remember how. i, too, am a reading addict. i decided to keep a list this year to see how many i actually read…. i am at 59 today. i am going to check out your suggestions. can i make a couple for you? the kindness of strangers (also, traveling light)- katrina kittle. room- emma donoghue. we need to talk about kevin- lionel shriver. just a few i have really enjoyed this year.

    • Hi! Thanks for the recommendations. I very much have resisted reading Room-but everyone tells me how great it is, so I probably should get over my worries about it and just read it!

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