Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson

betweenThis was our book club selection thi smonth and it was a good book to talk about.  It’s a story set in a small Southern town with two fueding families and the woman at the center of it.  Born to a teenager in the drunk-white-trash family, she ends up being adopted by the classier, wealthier family of the town.  What is interesting is that this family, the Fretts, is completely kooky.  Nonny is raised by her mother and aunt, who are twins.  Her mother has been deaf since birth and goes blind as an adult. Her aunt is completely neurotic and mentally ill.  Their bossy meddling sister lives next door.  With that trio it’s a wonder that Nonny grows up as well as she does.

I felt pretty exasperated for Nonny that she was an adult and had to deal with these senior citizens who caused her (mostly) nothing but trouble. Well, that’s sort of mean of me.  Her mother was lovely and loving.

I kept expecting this to have something magical happen in it, just because the Southerness reminded me of The Sugar Queen. A quick read with a fortunately happy ending.

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