There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

I really enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi so was eager to pick up another book by the author, set in the same circles as Dimple–this one is about Rishi’s younger brother Ashish and Sweetie. The story is told from both of their points of view and is somewhat of a classic YA romance-an ex to provide angst, jumping to conclusions, swoon worthy dates, and some extravagant head over heels falling in love. Are there 17 year old who really express themselves so eloquently and deeply and reflectively to other 17 year olds??  Like Dimple and Rishi though, this story is steeped in Indian culture and traditions. I really enjoyed all those details. And I thought both Sweetie and Ashish were nice characters-I’d want to be friends with them. Of course, like every teen I read about, they are both star talents, she a runner and he a basketball player. What’s different about all this, and what I really liked, was that Sweetie is fat. Unapologetically fat, and yes she uses that word, making it clear that it’s other people who make it a bad word. Unfortunately, Sweetie’s mom doesn’t have the same confidence that Sweetie does and constantly makes comments about her weight and flat out says she isn’t thin enough to date Ashish-that she’s not of the same level as he is. Honestly I don’t know where Sweetie finds the confidence in the face of that to live her life so confidently (probably from her super talent and beauty.) 
This was a charming romance, and I really loved Sweetie straight up talking about why shouldn’t she be desirable and part of a romance? In real life, and also in a book. Everyone should read all of these!


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