Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg

Why don’t I have “heartwarming” as a category? Because that would be the #1 category of this book. I knew this was a sequel to Arthur Truluv, but didn’t recall what happened in that book. No matter–it all came back to me as we were easily reminded of that lovely story. Are either of these books groundbreaking, deeply thoughtful, wildly innovative literature? No, they are not. Are they lovely stories, well written, charming, and sweet? Yes, they are. (And perfect for my Thanksgiving holiday reading.)

I thought this was a wonderful sequel-reminding us of the characters in the first book, but this time squarely focused on Lucille and some new characters. I especially liked all the stuff about Lucille’s baking. The young mother with leukemia was very sad and reminded me of earlier Berg books (the one where someone gets hit on the head with ice and ends up in a coma? SO sad.

A wonderful feel good book with young and old characters and plenty of bittersweet beginnings and endings.

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