Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe by Jennie Shortridge

biologyI can’t believe this is the second book in a row I read in which there was a sainted older mother/grandmother who I didn’t like. However, unlike in Sweet Love, it was not so troublesome to me, nor central to the story.  I was very drawn to this book because the premise is that a woman, married 24 years old, finds out that her husband doesn’t believe their marriage is that great, she freaks out and panics, and flees. She winds up in Seattle working in a coffee shop and living in a tiny apartment.  These stories always appeal  to me (I had romantic fantasties as a young twentysomething of just leaving everything behind and going to Montana. I think reality would not have matched the story in my head) and one of my very favorite books is Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler (a wonderful novel which I highly recommend.)

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