The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

I absolutely LOVED this (and finished it this morning* and this afternoon began watching the Amazon Prime series, which is amazing). There were so so many sentences I wanted to read aloud to anyone who happened to be standing nearby. Mitford’s voice is just so funny. I found it hilarious, especially any descriptions about raging Uncle Matthew, the cold house, etc. I remarked to my husband while I was reading the chapter about them growing up that it sounded like a Wes Anderson movie.
Near the halfway point of the book I felt like things really stepped up and Mitford did that style of writing that I feel like I shouldn’t like but I actually love-just very briskly and matter of factly stating the action.

*That was back in February. Sadly I have not kept this up and am about 45 books behind. Some of these posts will be the small ones I did on Goodreads.

Side note: the end of this post originally said I was immediately moving on book #2, Love in a Cold Climate, but in fact I still haven’t read that!