The Explosionist

explosionistI am fresh off finishing this book just an hour ago and the main thought still in my head is, “Why can’t anyone just write a single book anymore? Is 400 pages really not enough to tell your story in?” I was so caught up in this but suddenly it hit me two pages from the end–“huh, there’s no way everything is getting wrapped up in 2 pages, dammit! this is being set up as a the first in a series/trilogy”  It’s just maddening. I felt the same way about Hunger Games. OK, enough of the rant, because this was a super and imaginative novel.  A words about how I acquired this book–the other day I found myself with nothing to read (which is foolish I realized because I have stacks of “to be read” books in the house and I literally just forgot about them) and I asked Paul to go ahead and surprise me and just bring something home.  He brought me this and Shift (which I’m about 2/3 of the way through and it’s also awesome.)  I looked at the cover of The Explosionist and said “Is this set in a boarding school?” and sure enough it was. Continue reading