The High Season by Judy Blundell

Well look at that–turns out I actually read 101 books this year. I read The High Season way back in June and never logged it here or on Goodreads. Someone mentioned the book tonight and I figured it out. So better late than never.
I did really enjoy this book–set in a super rich part of Long Island that I basically never heard of-not the Hamptons, but above the Hamptons. The main character manages to own a home there and loves it, but she’s not part of the upper echelon. Alas, her marriage falls apart. And basically everything terrible happens to her. As much as I loved all the details about the ridiculously wealthy and this steamy summer and absurd behavior, I really did get extremely upset on her behalf at the number of outrageous things that happened to her and how she was treated. I think I was ultimately satisfied by the the ending, but not as much as I wanted to be (because there was only one outcome that would make me happy and that was neither realistic nor great storytelling.)