Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

(Reading Challenge: Great Graphic Novels)

spidermanIf you follow this blog you know that I enjoy reading comics and graphic novels, but not in finding them. Therefore, I usually just read whatever comes out on the Great Graphic Novels list or that I read about (I bought Sailor Twain for Paul for Christmas and cannot wait to read it).  So, reading the comics for the reading challenge is a delight.  But all that it to begin this review by saying-wait, what? is this a new Spiderman series? What happened to Peter Parker??? Did everyone know about this? Why are some Ultimate Comics Spidermans with an earlier publication date listed in the library catalog and Goodreads? I’m a bit confused, but confident that I read the correct book. And I can happily just jump in and enjoy the story as is.

So basically a teenage boy, Miles, gets bitten by a spider that his uncle brought home (accidentally) from some secret excursion to a top secret lab (where the Green Goblin works??) and discovers that he has some powers. Miles’ friend (a charming side character!) is delighted and wants Miles to be a superhero. Miles, on the other hand, wants to keep it a secret.  Mutants are not respected in the city and he is afraid he’ll be militarily detained.  Doing well in the charter boarding school (!) he is lucky enough to get into is really important to his parents, and to Miles, too. He can’t hide his powers for long though and quickly comes to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attention.  This first volume definitely peaked my interest and I’d like to read more about Miles as he deals with his powers.

There’s a good sense of humor in this, especially in the running joke that everyone who sees Miles in a Spiderman costume remarks “that is in terrible taste.”