Game Changer by Neal Shusterman

I love Shusterman’s books and was pretty excited by the premise of this one-alternate timelines! In this case a concussive wack on the head keeps altering his world slightly (or dramatically).  I didn’t love this as much as I thought I would (it’s no Scythe.) It seemed strange to me that many of the changes were really focused on racial inequality–but not all. It felt uneven. That said, how the world was different was fascinating and horrifying. I honestly did find it a little boring as he kept reflecting on his racial insensitivity. As for the “why is this happening” I thought it fell prey to the “I’m just describing something totally made up and weird so it can be whatever” syndrome, which I find unsatisfying and vague. (I guess I feel like nothing should be hard to describe in a completely made up scenario because you are literally describing it and making it up. If you can’t describe or explain your made up scenario then it seems like you just didn’t finishing making it up.)

But other than, I loved seeing the details of the world changing, especially his relationships with others, as well as the type of life he was leading.  It’s an interesting concept and he lets us know it’s already in the works for adaptation with Netflix (which seems like it will be Quantum Leap like.) I think I might just go reread the entire Scythe trilogy straight through for a really satisfying Shusterman fix.