The Very Nice Box by Laura Blackett & Eve Gleichman

Here we go with another character who seems to be on the spectrum-is very blunt, takes everything literally, is happiest when engaged with focused work. Her work is a senior engineer for an IKEA like Swedish design company. Presently she’s working on her best project yet-the Very Nice Box. It’s a perfect box. One of the reasons Ava enjoys her focused work is because it allows her to try not to think about the great tragedy in her life several years. And it truly is a tragedy. And then a new guy, Matt, arrives at work and he shakes things up everywhere.

There were so many things I loved about this book: All the capitalized letters and names of the objects/furnishings, the corporate wellness indulgences, everything. Ava is fairly peculiar but immediately likable. I honestly found this hard to put down.


2 thoughts on “The Very Nice Box by Laura Blackett & Eve Gleichman

    • My mom recommended it to me because she liked it so much! And I’ve passed on my recommendation to another friend as well. It’s good, right?

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