Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore

ooh, I loved this. Very reminiscent of other stories focused on multi generations at a family Maine summer home. I really enjoyed the changing p.o.v. from chapter to chapter and the writing in general was great. Certain sentences were just beautifully crafted, capturing feelings and moments that went straight to your heart.

When I talked about this with Melissa there was something I liked about it that was a turnoff to her. That was that I found none of the characters to be terrible people or wonderful people. Everyone was a real person and consequently I didn’t find any real heightened drama. (As opposed to Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.) (We both agreed though that we found it annoying that one person didn’t want to tell someone else something. Just tell him already.)

For myself in the future: this is the Maine book where an adult woman and her children go every summer and she grew up every summer there, too. Her father is a retired judge and has dementia now. She loves being there, though is having some marital woes-her podcasting husband isn’t joining them. Meanwhile, a young woman from Pennsylvania comes to town and is spying on them. This “mystery” is very quickly revealed. Lots of questions of haves and have nots, growing up with a safety net and money.


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