Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

I was excited to read this and it got a lot of buzz, but honestly I didn’t  love it. I gave it a weak three stars on Goodreads (that’s as opposed to a strong 3 stars, which might indicate more like a 3.5. This book was more like a 2.75)

A successful magazine editor (of course) returns to a quaint little lake town that she used to summer at. She hasn’t been back since some big split with the love of her life, who was the boy next door in this little town. Chapters alternate between the summers they were teens, becoming best friends, and eventually a couple, and now when they are two adults trying to maybe bridge their mysterious rift.

I liked the teen chapters better because I felt annoyed by her as an adult. Also, I loved the descriptions of summers at the lake. But then I was grossed out that the explicit sex scenes were when they were teens. Ew.  I also thought their rift that caused them to be apart for so many years was extremely predictable and annoying.

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