Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

This book is beloved in our household. We listened to the audiobook more than once and everyone loved it. Notably I am not a great audiobook listener and the first time through when we got to the end said “Wait— <something very obvious and key to the book that everyone else knew all along>?!” and everyone was annoyed with me. In my defense I think I was reading another book at the same time. But it was very funny and we loved the audio version and the yodeling and the whole basis of the story-pronouncing “Fake Mustache” as “Fah-ko Mustach-o”. It made its way into our family vocabulary! (along with “man about town” and the marvelous name Jodie O’Rodeo.)
So, time to sit down and read it myself before the big author visit. Delightful. This story is kind of a bonkers hoot and premise. Essentially child genius is going to take over the world by disguising himself with just a fake mustache. Which WORKS.
Even though our author visit was all about Origami Yoda I made sure to tell Mr. Angelberger what a gift to my family this story was. He seemed tickled.

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