Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

I loved this. Jane moves to a small town in Michigan and not only is it the sort of place where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it also is a place where it seems like everyone has slept with the man she falls for. Now-that much I knew from the blurb but I didn’t actually read anymore of the blurb so I thought that was all it was. But not so! Yes, it is about Jane falling for Duncan, an easygoing woodworker who misses deadlines, is very genial, and has indeed slept wiht basically everyone (and is very open about it.) The novel covers many many years, which was really neat. Especially because something sort of big would happen and that would be the end of that section. When the next section started, a few years later, you could figure out what the outcome was of that “cliffhanger.”
There is quite a cast of characters in this book: Jane’s mother, who is hilariously frank and direct and kind of terrible and funny, but also with moments of kindness; Aggie, Duncan’s ex-wife who is also hilariously terrible, and her husband Gary, who is such a big drip that honestly I think there was something really wrong with him. And then there’s Jimmy, Taken care of by all, and especially Duncan, Jimmy is “slow minded.” He is not developmentally disabled, but he cannot be on his own.
How these people get through life’s ups and downs make a wonderful story. I adored Jane. There were just so many wonderful details and I thought the writing was exquisite. So many sentences were just so perfect at conveying exasperation with life.
It turns out that she wrote another book which I had read and loved and 5 starred for all these same reasons, so I guess I really like Katherine Heiny and should read anything she writes.


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