Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis

I wish I liked this more. It has a lot of things I really like in general-a super meet cute [Trapped in a snowstorm on a motorway, Noella spends the hours in a guy’s car and the two really hit it off. Only problem is he’s American and headed to the airport to go home], and the idea that people fated together may have encountered each other multiple times in their lives before connecting. In fact, I love that idea so much that I’m still giving this a solid 3 stars because I really did like seeing how that played out.

However, I was so frustrated by Noelle, the main character. I found myself siding with the “bad guy” in the story in terms of his own frustration with Noelle’s inability to live her own life. [Her mom is “delicate” and Noelle is the appointed caregiver to the extent that she never goes out or does anything for herself.] Rather than having sympathy for her I was just completely annoyed.

*After this I read Dear Emmie Blue, which was great, and written before this one. Having read both I’d say that Eight Perfect Hours reads like a second book that was written because there was a contract but the author had an idea and rushed to get it out.

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