The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Another book I read 3 months ago and am just now getting to! Well, I gave this 5 stars so it shouldn’t be hard to remember and write about. When I told a friend about it we were laughing because she was saying “Does it have ___?” and I would say Yes. Over and over again. So yeah, it has a lot of elements you might expect in a WWII story featuring 3 women from different backgrounds, each with their own stories, brought together and changed by the war experience at Bletchley Park, where they worked as codebreakers. Honestly, that alone would probably be enough for me to like this. I’m fascinated by Bletchley Park, fascinated by the Official Secrets Act and how many men and women adhered to it for decades, keeping their work (and often, in women’s cases, their intellect) a secret from even their spouses. But I did also really enjoy each of the women’s stories and I liked the setup here-that in the future the women hate each other and one of them is locked up in a mental instution (where it is truly terrible what they did to people) and as the story goes back in time you wonder “what is going to happen to lead to the future being the way it is??” The future time, btw, is two weeks before Prince Philip’s wedding to Elizabeth, and he is introduced as one of the character’s ex-boyfriend. So that right there is fascinating, because when we do go back to the Bletchley days they are dating. I happened to read this the weekend of Prince Philip’s funeral, so it was really interesting to read about him as a dashing young naval man. I think I’m the only WWII fiction fan who hasn’t read Quinn’s other book, The Alice Network, but perhaps I’ll get around to it. I really, really enjoyed this.

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