Thanks a Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas

(NetGalley advance reading copy)

Thank you NetGalley for chance to read this!

I really enjoyed this. I thought this was primarily going to be about a boy coping with his family in disarray and being in foster care, but really that was just part of it, as it was also about friendship and a crush on another boy.
That sounds like it’s a lot of issues crammed in–foster care, father leaving in trouble with the police, mother having mental health crisis, typical adolescent friendship changes, plus being gay. But really-it wasn’t. For one thing being gay wasn’t a crisis, which I appreciated. It was more of a very typical “how to handle a crush” perspective, combined with “how will my friends react when they know I’m gay?”
One of the things I really liked that I don’t see a lot of in books was the boy circle of friends. Why hasn’t it occurred to me that boys also have text groups with their friends like I do? For the most part the boys (and definitely the older teen characters) were super in touch with their feelings and almost always knew just the right thing to say. And maybe that’s not 100% realistic, but it also felt really nice to read

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