Seance Tea Party by Reimena Yee

The title and picture on the cover 100% is why I picked up this book. And what a charming graphic novel it was! It focused on that age old theme of friends in your group seeming to move on or grow up faster than you and feeling left behind. What I especially liked about this was the idea that as that’s happening to Lora she’s portrayed as not babyish-just someone who still has a great imagination and loves to play and delight in the world. I could relate. Lora is thrilled when she meets a lovely ghost who is happy to play with her (and totally accepting of Alexa’s ghostliness.)
As the year progresses things do inevitably change for the Lora and Alexa and the story is very neatly woven together and wrapped up-explaining Alexa’s story and why she is there to play with Lora.
A very sweet story with a bittersweet tinge that is satisfying.

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