Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse

This was just wonderful! A really nice graphic novel that makes me look forward to more installments. In this first book Effie comes to live with two older (elderly?) aunts (?) after her mother has (died?) Why do I have so many question marks here? Although Effie does seem to be a bit sad and her arrival is quite sudden, that really isn’t gone into. The two ladies welcome her in though and are kind. Apparently they are successful herbalists. But when a famous pop star is secretly ushered into the house for an emergency consultation Effie discovers that they are actually witches. And of course, it turns out that Effie has some magic in her too! So many surprises for Effie to adjust to, all while starting a new school and making new friends. Of course her new friends make a neat little group that I assume will be the core of all future installments in this series. I especially liked that her friends have their own stories that are hinted at.
I enjoyed the art style as well.

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