Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang

I’ve really liked all of Yang’s books but wasn’t super eager to read this one because, well, sports. But I saw it just sitting there on the shelf at the library this week, so it seemed a good opportunity to grab it and read it. And I read it in one day because dang, this book was good. I was truly sucked in and marveled at his skill as an author. The construction of this book is so, so good. How did he figure out how to tell a true story of a basketball season while also telling his own personal story of feeling ready to make a big career change? While also telling individual stories of real people, but in such a way that you just think they are good characters in a story? (could we all be good characters??) While also throwing in some really cool history about basketball, catholic schools (I had no idea), Chinese sports culture, Indian history, Sikhs, and more? I mean, there’s a reason this guy wins awards.
As a non sports fan really everything was news to me. High school teams actually travel on planes to other states to play? High school students are on ESPN?
I was also super impressed by his ability to draw and write a basketball game in such a way that you are watching the clock count down and feeling as excited as if you were watching it in person

This was just a terrific story, really engrossing, and wonderfully told.


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