The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

I’d intended to read this in the lead up to Christmas because I do love a holiday romance each December. However, it was so popular that I only just got it now. I figured I wanted to read it more than I needed it to be read in December, so I dove in. What an absolute delight!! This just ticked so many boxes of the perfect paperback holiday romance: British, quaint village where the main characters seem to be beloved by the town, ample snow, a dream job that seems like people don’t really get to just have (fabric designer for Liberty of London), a charming house (again practically happened into), a best friend foil who has young children but still has time to come over with a bottle of wine, a manor house straight out of Downton Abbey, plenty of holiday sweets (many truffles and mince pies), a neverending stream of Irish coffee, tea, mulled cider, and other booze, quirky family characters who don’t bring the story down. And of course, the actual romance.
One of they ways this fits a lot of that in (gingerbread houses! caroling! wine!) is with the actual premise–12 dates that each have a theme and activity and pair our main character with a different man each time. It’s actually a brilliant party planning/dating service/holiday activity business plan (and must have cost a fortune.)
Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss

  1. I shall have to see if Sarah read this. She too loves a holiday romance. I actually found one at work (my library gets a lot of British books that are not published in the US) and she was pleased to have a British Christmas romance. I’ll have to see what it was called.

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