Measuring Up by Lily LaMotte

Terrific new graphic novel! I ordered it for the library and took the liberty of quickly reading it before putting it out. CiCi moves to Seattle from Taiwan and experiences the usual adjustments, with the added worries of really missing her grandmother, with whom she is very close. They keep in touch with video chats, but it just isn’t the same. CiCi really wants her grandmother to visit and is determined to win prize $$$ that she can use to help pay for a visit. She enters a cooking contest that is kind of like Masterchef Junior. There was so much in here to like–the cooking competition, the contestants recipes, Cici experiencing microaggressions, Cici trying to keep her “Taiwanese life” separate from her new American friends, and finding out the ways they are the same. I think this will be highly appealing to lots of kids. Would gladly read more about Cici and/or more kids learning about Julia Child!

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