The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I currently have a few books in the “currently reading” category, which is not my preferred way to read. But you know, strange year. Also, when I get a new Matt Haig I’m going to drop everything and read it (sorry Marian Keyes! and you’re normally the one I’d drop for! but your new book is really long…)
I really loved this (and even gave it to Paul to read, which he did, which delighted me because then we could talk about it. If you want detailed summer and analysis, you can read his post.)
Nina’s life is not terrible, it’s just kind of…..lame. And filled with regrets. And she’s certainly depressed. And she decides to die. But instead she wakes up in the Midnight Library, which is hosted by a kindly librarian from her childhood and filled with infinite green bound books on the shelves. (Is that symbolic? Green for new life? just like in Red Badge of Courage? I’m going to believe it is.) Each book represents a life where she made a different decision. Nina can consider all her regrets and try on a life that corrects that regret. Alternative timelines? Multiple branches on your tree of life? How would your life be different had you ….. I’ve often thought of that. So this was right up my alley.
I loved seeing Nina’s possible lives and of course you have to wonder if our possibilities for lives are the same.

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