Messenger by Lois Lowry

I read this when it first came out and not again until now, when my daughter and I listened to the audiobook together. I have to say, I”m loving this reread of all four books right in a row. It’s really highlighting the connections and enjoyable to figure out the timeline (which was harder to do when you read them years apart.)

So, again, this was listened to in the new car as an e-audiobook. Because we’re not used to the new audio buttons we ended up missing two critical chapters. But that’s ok because I got the book so I could read it and fill in. It’s no secret that it’s much easier for me to follow a story in print than on audio, so I also appreciated skimming over previous chapters. As with the other one, since we didn’t put in discs I was also completely startled when this book ended as I had no idea we were so close to the end. I was also startled and completely surprised by the ending. So much so that I had to wonder if I’d even read this book! (I had.)
For future reference for myself-in this installment the story is taking place in Village, where the harmony is disturbed by personality changes, including wanting to shut Village off to newcomers and the Forest actively attacking people. (wait, what? At this point I was saying “is this book magic? Is there magic in these books that I didn’t remember??”) Mattie goes on a journey to bring Kira back to Village.

This book felt very short to me, but was filled with a lot of striking sentences and imagery. Lowry really is a terrific writer. As with the others, lots to think about in here about the nature of mankind.

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