A Beginning at the End by Mike Chen

I was so excited to get this since I loved his time travel book. However, my name came up on the hold list with remarkably bad timing-I read this book just as the Coronavirus began to have confirmed cases outside of China, with ever more cases in China and cruise ships being quarantined, travel restrictions put in place. The fictional story opens with a pandemic in the present day (literally, 2020) and frankly it mirrors real life. So I had a bit of a time reading this story because while normally I like to imagine things in stories happening in real life, I really had to actively NOT think about it. Because we could very well be in the same situation as in this story. Most of the story, though, takes place six years later. What I liked about this (found scary about this) was that it really focused on not a Mad Max style post apocalyptic scene (for the most part), but on what the remaining 30% of the population would be like. Everyone would have experienced loss. Everyone would be scarred and stunned. (sort of like the opening of Avengers End Game.) So there is a real sadness woven into the story as the world and people try to figure out how to continue on.

I actually preferred the small details and moments in the story, rather than the main plot action, but still a good book.

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