Time at the Top by Edward Ormondroyd

I first read this book in 4th or 5th grade. I wrote a book report which included a cover that was a drawing of Susan coming out of the elevator. I certainly loved drawing an old fashioned dress on her.
While The Secret Language holds a fond place in my heart as the first boarding school book I read, Time at the Top was the first time travel book I read. And you know how much I love time travel.
Rereading this book I can see why I loved it. It’s time travel perfect for kids-the way things work out, the scoundrel who might as well be out of a silent film twirling his villainous mustache, the use of a newspaper to see if they affect the future/present day, and I loved the setup of the author of the book being Susan’s neighbor and giving us a little epilogue.

3 thoughts on “Time at the Top by Edward Ormondroyd

  1. Oh my goodness, The Secret Language! I LOVED that book when I was about in fourth grade as well. Midnight feasts always sounded so delicious and naughty. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for this book, because I’d love to reread it.

    Time at the Top sounds interesting as well. I love a good time travel story.

  2. I loved both these books! Re Time at the Top, did you ever read the sequel, All in Good Time? I know I did, but I remember nothing about its, with TATT is quite vivid in my memory,

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