Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner

I’d not even heard of this but my daughter found it at the bookstore and used a Christmas gift card to buy it. She finished it before we’d even been home half an hour from the bookstore and said she loved it and I had to read it. Well, I enjoyed it very much too. I don’t know if 11 year olds will get any of the Buffy or Twilight references, but as a 40something who was a huge Buffy fan I loved it that the librarian was British and named Mr. Niles.
AJ just started middle school and has a crush on a girl he likes, Nia. His friends Hunter and Ivy seem to have no trouble at all adjusting to middle school and are very annoying. AJ knows that Nia likes vampire stories so he starts pretending to be one. At this point I had questions: is this a world where vampires are real? Is everyone play acting? Does he really think Nia will like him better? I just went along for the ride and enjoyed it very much. Stylistically I liked the drawing style and the full colors. The trees and woods made it clear we were in the Pacific Northwest (as does the Powell’s bookstore reference.)
A fun graphic novel.


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