The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain

I saw this author speak a couple weeks ago alongside Kate Morton and it made me quite excited to read this book. Fortunately it came in soon after for me. I enjoyed this book so much that I read the entire thing in one day! I didn’t save it at all! Just one long Sunday reading every chance I had (and it was a day where we had a few activities going on, too.)
The premise of this was immediately enticing. A woman in 1970 is pregnant and told by doctors that her baby has a heart defect and will die when born. Her brother-in-law tells her he’s from the future and in his time the baby’s problem can be fixed with fetal surgery, and persuades her to leap forward into time.
Time travel is always complicated and I love seeing how different authors deal with different aspects of it-the actual process, how it was discovered, whether or not they try to give a scientific explanation, the rules they’ve set up (usually along the lines of not interfering), and, always, how something ultimately goes wrong.

The times in this story are 1970 and 2001 and the author told us that she specifically chose 2001 for a reason. I found that very intriguing and was curious to see how that played out (I assumed maybe something to do with 9/11)

I thought this was a great story and I loved the historical aspects of it as well as the time travel and the very real family/parent aspects of the story.

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