The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The last book I read with lots of sex in it I found very off putting. There was just so much of it. It felt kind of gross and gratuitous. (But I suppose if that’s what you were looking for it was perfect??) I was hesitant about starting this because I was warned that it was “even dirtier than The Proposal.” And yes, I suppose it was. BUT. I couldn’t stop reading this. And not because of the steamy sex scenes–because the story was so interesting and I really cared about the characters and while I was sure they’d have a happy ending I really wanted to see them get there.
Stella is a super smart and focused econometrician. One of the reasons she excels in her career is because she’s autistic (high function, Asperberger’s.) She’s well aware of her characteristics-social situations are hard for her, she really has to work to casually converse. Obviously this makes finding a boyfriend (and giving her parents grandchildren) difficult. She decides to hire an escort to help her not be “bad at sex.”

I liked that the story was told from two points of view-Stella’s and Michael’s. Michael has plenty of altruistic reasons he’s had to become a secret prostitute-he’s trying to take care of his mom and family after their sleazy father bankrupted them and left.  Sparks fly between Stella and Michael and they enter an agreement where she will be his exclusive client and practice boyfriend.

I really enjoyed all the details about Michael’s Vietnamese family and his profession as a tailor. I also really enjoyed Stella’s point of view and how she saw the world and struggled.

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