The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene

Boy did this book deliver on title + cover + the mood I was in. It was just the perfect book for what I wanted to read: cozy, satisfying, not too dramatic, predictable, and British. And with teacups.

The premise is that three women meet and bond over purchasing a vintage teaset that then they will share as they all must have it for different purposes. There’s Alison-the mom who is making a living with her arts, including turning teacups into candles; Maggie who is gorgeous and divorced and an uber successful florist who will use the set for a society wedding with an Alice in Wonderland theme, and then Jenny, who will use it in her own wedding, which has a vintage tea party theme.  The three become great friends, at first meeting to scavenge flea markets and stalls to find more, but then more often as they become part of each other’s lives. Each has a small drama- an ex husband returning, a conflict with a client, an unwelcome parental appearance, a bratty teen, and possible marital discord.

This book is reinforcing my belief that England is just filled with awesome flea markets that everyone goes to all the time, finding beautiful vintage stuff. Also that everyone in England goes to the florist often to pick up a bouquet.

As charming and satisfying as a cup of tea in a dainty vintage cup.

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