Luvvy and the Girls by Natalie Savage Carlson

Yesterday afternoon I had a friend over and we were looking at some of my old cherished children’s books. I told her all about this one, as it was one of the first boarding school books I read and I loved it very much. After she went home I picked it up and ended up just quickly reading the whole thing. Guess what? Just as good as I remembered. And I’m going to say, although I often laugh at the old fashioned books, I can see from my adult point of view that it was a really good book. Although it’s set in 1915 it was written in 1971.
The things I so vividly remembered about the book were all there–fascinating cloistered nuns, strict rules, a poor homely orphan, and a goody goody.  Objectively speaking, it’s a good story about a girl going away to school, being homesick, figuring out who her friends are.
One thing I think I had not noticed until yesterday is that the girls in the story have the last name Savage and the dedication is to the Pupils of the Frederick Academy of Visitation, which is the convent school in the story and Savage is the author’s middle name. So now I’m convinced that her family really did go to this school and it’s not entirely fictitious but based on family stories and actual events. Perhaps the girls really did march by two on a long trek to a cemetery to gather violets. Perhaps they were allowed to spend a nickel each Saturday on ice cream cones and pickles (Pickles really seem to have been a popular snack in the olden days. At least according to this and All of a Kind Family.)

Pleased to say this held up and was just as enjoyable.

UPDATE! As I wrote this and then logged it on to Goodreads my mind has been blown. Because of the way Goodreads identifies things as part of a series they are calling this The Half Sisters #2.  That means there were MORE BOOKS ABOUT LUVVY (and her half sisters.)  What a shame I never knew this as a child (and how would I? the books weren’t labeled on the cover as part of a series and if it wasn’t on the shelf at my library I didn’t know about it. No following of authors on social media. Forthcoming new titles were not promoted. If it wasn’t at our library, I didn’t know about it.) Obviously I will be looking for the other titles now.

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