All Summer Long by Hope Larson

I love the cover of this graphic novel-just right for a summer story.

I feel like possibly more often in books than in real life are there these amazing boy-girl friendships. They struggle a bit during adolescence, but soldier on even when they boy or girl gets a boyfriend/girlfriend. They seem so prevalent that I was always surprised I didn’t have an amazing boy best friend.
Things I liked about this: the way it’s set up into weeks. They way small panels conveyed how bored Bina was without her next door/best friend forever/Austin.  The way Bina knows she is not longing to fit in, but is feeling a certain 13 year old itchiness. I also really liked how her family was so easily conveyed by small scenes.

One things I did not care for was the style of drawings of the people.
Overall good, and Tabby read it first and told me she really liked it.

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