The Truth about Animals by Lucy Cooke

(I’m marking this as finished because I couldn’t renew it and it was late and had to be returned to the library. That said, I had read about 2/3 of it and am eager to get it back to finish that other third. ) Reading a large adult non-fiction book is very rare for me. I found my way to this via Sad Animal Facts on IG, which I found via our daily calendar, It’s Different Every Day. (Look them up, they’re great!)

This book was fantastic-that sweet spot of being very informative, very entertaining, and very well written. I really enjoy Cooke’s writing style. I also really enjoyed the set up of this book. Each chapter is devoted an animal (and I made myself start at the beginning and go straight through rather than skipping straight to, say, panda) and includes information about the earliest writings about the animal and all the misinformation there was about it. And people as recently as the 19th century believed all kinds of craaaaazy stuff (beavers would chew off their own testicles when being pursued by hunters because they knew how valuable they were.

And, it’s no secret that I love lots of weird facts and let’s face it-I am now so full up on weird and fascinating animal facts that I have been accosting my friends, family, and co-workers for the past week and a half with plenty of “Did you know?”s and “I just read an interesting fact about..”

I was just about to enter the world of penguins when I had to send this back.


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