The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain

100% delightful. What an absolutely charming book. French President Francoise Mitterand leaves his hat behind in a brasserie and the diner next to him picks it up. The hat is lifechanging for him, but then he loses it. The story follows each person who picks up the hat what the hat does for him. I love stories like this very much and how the stories intertwine. And I was fascinated by all the French things as well as the 1980s setting. I read the interview with the author at the end and he addressed why it was set in that time. I found his answer interesting and it’s one I’ve seen other authors give, and something I’ve pondered myself quite a bit (so many fictional stories and real life experiences in my own life time just would not happen today because of cell phones, social media, etc.) So many of the true details were interesting things I didn’t know, such as the triangle in front of the Louvre–I thought that was always there. As far as the real people I didn’t know any of the French names. I had read the recent Caldecott winning biography of Jean-Michel Basquiat, so I did get that part.

There was also a fair amount of epilogue and seeing stories through to the future, which I love. Absolutely charming.


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