Beautiful Blue World by Suzanne LaFleur

New year, new start. Rather than trying to fill in all the missed posts I’m going to try anew to sync up with my Goodreads tally and as I’m able I’ll go back and fill in. So here’s book #2 of 2017:

blueI picked this up because I really l really liked Love, Aubrey and thought I’d try the author’s newest book (plus, pretty cover.) I didn’t read what it was about and so this whole thing was such an interesting surprise to me.(not like Love Aubrey.) A very fast (one day) read and pulled me in right from the start. I found myself making comparisons to first one book and then another. Was it like Number the Stars? Was it something dystopian? Was it like Bletchley Circle ? (Yes, this is what I came back to most. Thinking about the women of Bletchley Park in WWII who were crackerjack at seeing patterns and breaking codes.) Was this fantasy since it had a map at the beginning of made up countries? (no.) Was this WWII historical fiction? (No, but felt most like it.) A very intriguing story about war, friendship, family, and gifted children. It felt like the beginning was menacing-children were being rounded up to fight a war but not told what they were going to do. But when they do go, it is not at all what was expected.  It was clear to me about 3 pages from the end that this was either going to have a terrible unresolved ending, or it was set up for a sequel. And sure enough, after the last page it says the story continues in the next book, with a title already. This book was pretty short and honestly I’d rather parts 1 and 2 were just published as one volume because I’m still caught up in the story and can’t believe it just ended!


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