The Lake House by Kate Morton

lakehouseI’ll just paste what I wrote on Goodreads at the time of finishing this book because it was my immediate response: “What a fully satisfying book and a great way to wrap up the year. Holy cow was this great. My mind is satisfied by a neat and clever puzzle, my heart is full of warm feelings, my eyes had a couple tears, and my pocket is a little poorer because it was overdue and I couldn’t renew it but wouldn’t it bring it back until I finished it.
As with her other novels, Morton has crafted a rich complex story with many layers, and characters who have a depth not immediately recognizable to either the reader, or the other characters. I loved the Cornwall setting, the parallel stories, the mystery, and the skipping around in time.
A beautiful big story. Wonderful!”

What else can I say? This was a great story. Similar in style to Morton’s other novels where there is a family secret hidden and it turns out to be more than anyone realized. In this case in the glamorous (uh-oh, time period? 1930s?20s?)past, a beautiful family has a tragedy occur when their beloved little son goes missing. The case was never solved, a body never found, a murderer never charged. The family leaves their estate, which was of course completely enchanting and secluded with a lake.  Many years later (current time) a police detective is taking a break from work and comes across the abandoned estate. Her curiosity is piqued and the mystery begins.  This was a wonderfully absorbing big fat story that I just really loved.


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