The Rocks by Peter Nichols

rocks[Time to get caught up on my backlog of reviews. I read this in November 2015.]
This was wonderful. A glamorous setting-Mallorca, and a lovely cover just like Beautiful Ruins (which I still haven’t read.) This was an interesting 5 star read in that I did not love any of the characters (some I outright disliked), it was not overtly heartwarming, certainly not fun, yet I was so captivated by this story. The structure was a huge selling point (and pleasant discovery for me) and it was beautifully written.

*a few spoilers here:


I really enjoyed that the book began with an incident at the end of the lives of the two main characters and then went backwards. That structure turned the story of intertwined lives into a mystery. Immediately you wondered how they got to the point they were at in the beginning. Each section took place years before the preceding section. Sometimes this added sadness to the story because I’d find myself rooting for a particular outcome and then realizing, “But I know what happens because I’ve already read the end of the story.” This was a story that stayed with me and I found myself often thinking about the characters and lamenting their poor choices. I really enjoyed it.

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