The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth

vampireThis probably seems like a book I wouldn’t read, but I loved it. I really liked the first one and just recently remembered it and saw this sequel was on the shelf at the library and grabbed it. After reading The Rocks, which was like an elegant multi-course meal that I savored and enjoyed for a long time with all kinds of nuances and flavors, this was like sitting on the couch greedily consuming a whole bag of Doritos. Nothing subtle, slow, or elegant about it. But deeply enjoyable and satisfying. Some people (not me) might even say kind of trashy. It was super. Were you a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Then read this. Do you like conspiracy theories? Read this. Do you like a fast paced book that you can read in two days and don’t have to think about? Read this.
What I found so interesting about this (and liked) is that this isn’t just some kind of horror (which I don’t read) gore fest for no reason. In this sequel the President’s Vampire, Nathaniel Cade, and his handler Zack, are facing just the latest threat to America, a horrific supernatural fighting machine. And it’s not some isolated occurrence-it all has to do with arms deals, the Middle East, shadow government, and all kinds of stuff that gets in your head a bit and makes you start to wonder about some of the horrors of the world (though it’s doubtful reptilian humans are behind it for real.) One of the things like I about the way this is written is that Cade has lived through many presidents, so there are often references to what really happened during other administrations (i.e., who shot JFK and why.)
It’s all told with a sense of humor and bit of fun, which makes any of the gorey action easy to handle.


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