The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

3rdwifeI thought this was fantastic. A friend told me she’d read a bad review so I let this languish on my shelf for over a week, but then I picked it up and was immediately engrossed. Just as well written and engaging as her other books. I think Jewell has definitely become a writer who I will read whatever she writes, right up there with Liane Moriarty. I couldn’t wait to figure out the “mystery”, but was also apprehensive about what sorts of unseemly secrets might be revealed. Though just as good as The House We Grew Up In this book had a much warmer tone, and no horrid uncomfortable reveals.

Beginning with the death of a woman, you are never really sure if it was an accident or suicide. You soon find out she is the third wife of a man who seems to have it all-two previous wives, children by both of them, and both of those families get along. It’s like he has the absolute best of both worlds.  But after Maya’s death he begins to question whether things are as good as he thinks they were. A terrific story about things not being what they seem, and fractured families. I thought it was very honest and really enjoyed it.


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