Armada by Ernest Cline

armadaI’ve been waiting with much excitement for this because of how much I loved Ready Player One. And it was great! I had managed to not read anything about what it is about so went in totally blind (which is hard to do with big new books, but lots of fun if you can manage to know nothing about it.) So I’ll avoid saying anything except that it was exciting, fun, plenty of pop-culture, plenty of video games (I don’t even really like playing many video games, and definitely not mmorpg stuff, so I’m not sure why I really enjoy reading about them). Overall it felt like a fresh homage to sci-fi adventure films, in a rather meta way. I had a nice chat with a Game Stop employee who was also excited about reading it, which was nice. Oh, and definitely a movie ready type of book.


2 thoughts on “Armada by Ernest Cline

  1. I’d been excited for this too (I adored “Ready Player One”) but I’m afraid this one didn’t work for me. I had problems throughout, but the big one was ( ******** SPOILERS BELOW ********)


    the father showing up in time to get injured, let the main character save him and get him back to his mother the nurse before going off to win everything, and have the father get the mother pregnant again and come back to the fighting just in time to die for reals. I found everything in that scenario to be incredibly convenient, but mostly I was put off by the fact that the mom’s role is to get pregnant once every 17 years or so, and now she has to raise another kid by herself. I certainly didn’t find it romantic, that’s for sure!

    I don’t usually react so strongly to such things, but I think by then I’d had my fill of quick and easy happenings in the book (the Lucky Charms annoyed me too). Oh well! 😉

    On a happier note, I am looking forward to the “Ready Player One” movie!

    • Hi Amy! How disappointing for you that it was disappointing! I agree there was an awful lot of convenience in this story. And I thought, did his dad really need to die for real? I hate it when people find their presumed dead person is really alive, get to know them for like a minute and then they die again. for real. It’s only been like two months or less since I Read this, but I don’t even remember what the Lucky Charms were! Yes definitely looking forward to the RPO movie!

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