Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen

evilIt’s hard to believe the same author that wrote this hilarious novel also wrote Library Lion, a picture book that gets me teary every time I read it aloud.

Reading this was like watching several episodes of Buffy in a row-perhaps a half season long arc. It was super. I visualized this entire story taking place inside my alma mater.  There’s a new high school librarian and although he’s really attractive, Cynthia finds it odd that her best friend Annie is so into him.  When she meets him herself she senses something really strange. Not long after that she sees that other strange things are happening. This had the classic set up of the protagonist and her crush being the only two people who put together the clues that something bad is happening and have to figure out how to stop it. In this case, it’s that the librarian is a demon who wants to siphon off the life essence from all the students so he can get ultra-powerful.
Not too gory or horrifying, and with that wonderful Buffy feeling of even the villains have really funny lines. I really enjoyed this and surely hope there is a sequel to this.

Recommended for people who liked Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (and vice versa)


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