The Wonder Garden by Lauren Acampora

wonderSince we do tend to if not choose, at least select, books by their cover, let me point out what a good one this has.  This was terrific. A bit dark, but not depressing/horrifying/or anything like that.  It is interconnected stories about the residents of a bucolic, beautiful, historic, Connecticut town.  But as you read everyone’s stories you realize how much of that is a facade and how imperfect everyone’s lives are. So, first up-I love interconnected stories.  Reading a chapter and having that protagonist mention someone who you realize was the protagonist in another story.  Seeing how other characters viewed incidents and people. I think when done well it always pleases and impresses me.

I did feel some sadness for some of the characters but mostly enjoyed the peeping Tom aspect of reading these stories: look at her! look at him! I know your secrets! Although I don’t remember much about it the film American Beauty came to mind in terms of this theme.  I think Tom Perrotta fans might also like this book.

Some of the stories I especially liked (so stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers)……..



I was absolutely fascinated by the family in the particularly historic house, where the mother and father insisted on living as if it was still 200 years ago. I mean, they had crossed the line from historic re-enactors to totally creepy.
I also really enjoyed the story of the artist who takes on his commission which allows him to pursue his artistic vision of covering a house in meticulously rendered insects. And that was especially good as that house was then referred to in two other stories.
I felt so bad for the house inspector.  I was also super intrigued by the man who becomes all New Age and gives up his job and hangs out in his treehouse.

A really good book!


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