The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

mermaidFantastic! What a wonderful tale, beautifully told like the most excellent fairy tales, legends, and stories are. Clara and her sister, Maren, live with their part faerie Auntie on a mountain. They have had a wonderful childhood and such a loving, if unusual, family. In addition to Auntie Verity there are Scarff and O’Neill, who travel in an exotic caravan and visit the mountain but a couple of times a year. Verity and Scarff have often told the tale of how Clara and Maren came to Verity-Maren in a big seashell and Clara by a stork.  Her seashell origins and ability to swim and remain underwater for an hour make it be no surprise when she begins to transform into a mermaid.  Eventually all agree she must be brought to the ocean, her true home.  But O’Neill and Clara have a challenging journey, including kidnapping, enslavement, a mad huckster, and more.  There is also a love story here as O’Neill is especially devoted to Maren and Clara is torn between her own secret love for O’Neill and her own devotion to her sister.
This was a wonderful story. I truly loved it, everything from the descriptions of Maren as a mermaid, to the setting of a traveling show with sinister characters. (And, refreshingly different from everything else I’ve read lately!)


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