Small Blessings by Martha Woodroof

smallA charming feel good story. I think you can tell right from the get-go the happy ending this story is headed for, but how it gets there is a delight.  I very much enjoyed the style in which the story was told, though I’m hard pressed to put my finger on what exactly that style is. The setting is a small college town/campus (which was nothing like my college, but I kept picture it there anyway) with a few professors and their odd habits as colorful characters. Tom is an English professor who is well liked, quiet, ordinary, people speak nicely of him because he’s stuck with his completely crazy wife for 20 years. He lives with her and his mother-in-law and accepts that this is his life.  But then complications-welcome?-arise. First there is Rose, the new employee at the college bookstore. He feels an instant spark with her (and she with him), but even stranger is that his crazy wife Marjory seems to have a moment of clarity upon meeting her.  Then there’s the bombshell of a letter Tom receives.

Tom’s life is definitely upended, along with pretty much everyone around him.  This is a very warm story with lots of feel good moments.

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