Replay by Ken Grimwood

Awesome. And apparently this has been around for a long time and I somehow never read it (even though when I enthused about it both my brothers and my mother all were like “oh yeah, that’s a great book, I loved it.”)
This is a time-loop novel, one of my favorite premises. What makes this so interesting is that it’s not a time loop of a day, but TWENTY-FIVE years. A man at age 43 dies of a heart attack and wakes up when he is 18. He figures out what’s going on and continues to live his life all over again, trying to use his knowledge of the future to have a different outcome. But again he dies at 43. Over and over again!! Can you even imagine having to live a whole 25 years over and over? And the 25 year period is from the 60s to the 80s, so it was fascinatingly historical. (Note: this book is from the 80s so it was really just contemporary, not historically fascinating. Also, my friend tells me that the author was going to write a sequel but died of a heart attack quite young. So clearly the author himself was a replayer because that coincidence is too freaky.)

I found the whole story riveting and surprisingly thoughtful. My one issue with it is that a replayer manages to have several different very successful careers, and I just don’t believe that most individuals have it in them to be so many varied types of people.


2 thoughts on “Replay by Ken Grimwood

  1. I adore this book.

    At first I thought you meant Jeff had several careers, but then I realized you meant Pamela (hope I’m getting the names right). It didn’t bother me too much — I think she made way better use of her time than Jeff did.


    If I get stuck on a car ride by myself with no good music, I just start thinking about this book, and how I would replay. The difficulties he had trying to get his first meeting with Linda right again is really interesting — I wonder how it would go when I went looking for my husband again, but this time I already knew everything about him. What if I said the wrong thing, freaked him out, and screwed the whole thing up? Yikes! And if you did have kids the first time, could you ensure you conceived the same kids again if you wanted to? I wouldn’t think so, considering how conception works…..

    Grimwood wrote one other novel, which I think was a space-age-y dolphin thing (sound familiar?). I really do wonder if he was a replayer….. And I really do feel sometimes like I’m going to be one and I just happen to be on my first time round right now…. 🙂

    • Amy, I totally hear you. I found myself thinking about this so much. For example, good thing he remembered who won the Kentucky Derby and since I wouldn’t remember any sports info, how would I get my money? I loved the investing he did and also how he knew Pamela was also a replayer. And having your children in one life, but not the other? So many things to think about and how things worked out based on other decisions. I was also glad that he didn’t waste too much time accepting what happened. I can tell you that should I ever time travel I’ll accept it almost immediately!

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